BLW ‘Essentials’ – What Do You Really Need? 

So, once we had decided that BLW was the way to go for us, we gathered supplies and prepared to offer Squid his first taste of solid food. 

Below is a list of all the things we have found really useful, though not all of these things are strictly essential!

  • A dog. (Just kidding!)
  • Floor mat – this is a PVC table cloth – easy to wipe/hose down! Protects the floor…
  • Cover-all bibs – we like the IKEA ones best. 
  • Pelican bib – collects all the crud. Baby likes eating from it. Grim. 
  • Antibacterial wipes – to wipe down highchairs and tables in restaurants. 
  • Flannels – cheaper than baby wipes, reusable! Wilkinson do them for 30p each – we have 10. 
  • A good highchair – we use the Antilop from IKEA, and it really gets my vote. Though it doesn’t fold down, it is so easy to clean (or hose down!), the legs come off so it’s easy to transport, plus you can use just the seat part for floor picnics, the tray is removable and dishwasher safe, it’s sturdy and secure! You can get an insert to slot into it if you have a smaller baby – but Squid got a bit stuck with the insert so we had to abandon that! 
  • An open cup and a doidy cup – Squid has never been a fan of a bottle or sippy cup, but took to (water in) an open cup brilliantly. 
  • Spoons and forks – to pre-load with ‘sloppier’ foods.  
  • Plastic plates and bowls – perfect for child-size portions. 
  • Pots – varying sizes, perfect for snacks. 
  • A lunch box – to carry food/essentials when out and about. 
  • Paper table cloths – we use these as floor mats in restaurants. I personally think you should clear up after yourself in a restaurant with a baby – reasonable mess is to be expected but, having worked in a restaurant as a teen, I remember really hating cleaning up messes after babies. These paper floor mats are great, you can just scoop them up and bin them afterwards!
  • Carrier bags – to put rubbish in when eating out. 
  • Washable bag for life – I take one everywhere! We put in used plates, cups, cutlery and bibs when we’ve eaten out, so I know they need washing when we get home.
  • Baby wipes – for small messes, a flannel really is better for a big clean up jobby!
  • The BLW book and cook book – not totally essential – you can find it all online! – but good to have for reference.
  • Patience. So much patience. 

I find shops like IKEA, Aldi, the Poundshop, B&M and Homebargains great to grab bits cheaply from the list above! 

Though all of the above have been useful to us so far, I don’t think there’s anything you really need for BLW other than a bath, a sense of humour and a Hoover! 

What have you found useful on your weaning journey?
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Look out for Monday’s post on ‘Eating Out with a BLW Baby’!


Squidmamma x 


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