Our Weekly BLW Menu

Hi all!

Sorry for the blog-sabbatical, life has got in the way recently. I’ve now broken up from school for the summer so will hopefully have a bit of time to get back to weekly posts. I have lots planned!

This week’s post is about the kinds of food you can offer your BLW baby. One of the main principles of BLW is that your baby can eat everything that you eat (being mindful of salt/sugar, and with the exception of whole nuts, honey, shark and Marlin). This is common knowledge, yet so many mamas ask me ‘but what do you give him?!’ Aside from the obvious answer: ‘anything, everything!’, I know only too well how hard it is at times to come up with meal ideas which are family friendly.

I am going to split this topic into several sections, which will hopefully cover lots of what people often ask me about! 
I have already written and scheduled the following posts for this week:

  1. Tuesday’s post: Breakfast, lunch and dinner: a typical week;
  2. Wednesday’s post: Snacks;
  3. Thursday’s post: Quick, easy, nutritious meals, my ‘go-to’s. 
  4. Friday’s post: A BLW friendly shopping list. 

So for today, here is what a typical week of food might look like in our household. When we are together, we all eat the same thing, (let’s not mention the secret chocolate I may or may not occasionally have behind Squid’s back!) The only things Squid is offered to drink are water and boob. Water is offered with every meal, and he boobs pretty much 2 hourly round the clock, so this fits around meal times. Breakfast is usually 10am (Squid is always full from the all night boobie buffet before then!), lunch at 1pm and dinner at 5pm. 

I make all meals from scratch, no jars or packets. I find that this is the easiest way for me to control how much salt and sugar is in Squid’s diet. Where it says ‘jacket potato’ I would offer Squid half a jacket, and I sometimes make sandwiches with just one slice of bread – it depends what he’s eaten that day. All meals contain a balance of the food groups. We aim for 5 portions of fruit and veg a day (1/2 fruit, 3/4 veg). Yoghurt, butter, hummus and milk etc is always full fat for Squid – babies need the calories! 

A typical week in the Squid household

Breakfast: toast with Meridien peanut butter, a handful of grapes

Lunch: pitta bread, hummus, cucumber sticks

Dinner: spaghetti bolognaise, yoghurt with frozen fruit 


Breakfast: French toast, nectarine

Lunch: Tuscan bean soup, small white roll, yoghurt 

Dinner: homemade burgers, sweet potato chips, salad


Breakfast: natural yoghurt, frozen fruit 

Lunch: jacket potato and beans or tuna with salad 

Dinner: chicken stir fry, yoghurt


Breakfast: fruit toast, apple

Lunch: cheese sandwich, pear

Dinner: quiche and salad


Breakfast: pikelets with a scraping of marmite, handful of grapes 

Lunch: left over quiche, jacket potato

Dinner: spaghetti on toast, pear


Breakfast: breast milk porridge with pear purée 

Lunch: vegetable and cheese omelette, yoghurt

Dinner: chilli con carne with rice


Breakfast: full English breakfast 

Lunch: ham salad sandwich, clementine

Dinner: roast chicken dinner

Other breakfast options:

Weetabix/other cereals with breast milk or full fat cow’s milk; scrambled/poached eggs of toast, spaghetti hoops/beans on toast, omelette, porridge fingers. 

Other lunch options:

Spaghetti/beans on toast, vegetable sticks with homemade tzatsiki dip, tuna pasta salad, Spanish omelette, savoury muffins. 

Other dinner options:

Shepherd’s pie, fish pie, chicken stuffed with garlic cheese, Thai green curry, tomato pasta, risotto, paella, homemade pizza, omelette, toad in the hole, stuffed courgettes and roasted vegetables, baked salmon with new potatoes and vegetables. 
Above is just an idea of the things I might offer in an average week. I love to cook, and am always experimenting when I have time! 

Remember: your BLW baby can eat whatever you are eating. Make sure it is cut into suitable sized chunks (remember, chip shaped!) and see how they get on! 

I hope you’ve got some useful ideas from this post. What’s your favourite family meal? What do you usually offer your BLW baby for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

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Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow’s post about snacks for your BLW baby! 

Squidmamma x 


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