BLW: Snacks

Today’s post under this week’s topic of our typical BLW menu is snacks. 
I always make sure I take snacks with us when out and about – I find they can really help deflect an impending meltdown at times (!!!), as well as help tide Squid over between meals and boobs. 

The snacks we offer 

I always try and have the following in the house. I tend to offer 2/3 snacks per day, though sometimes more, sometimes less! 

  1. Breadsticks. I am yet to find a ‘low salt’ version (do you know of one?!!), but a couple of mini bread sticks aren’t too bad, so long as salt intake that day isn’t too high. 
  2. Pitta bread and hummus. A bit of a messy snack but a filling one!
  3. Raisins: Squid loves to hold the box and practice his pincer grip picking up raisins!
  4. Fruit. Squid especially loves nectarines and apples!
  5. Cooked vegetables: baby corn is Squid’s favourite. 
  6. Cucumber sticks: makes a great teether too, especially if kept in the fridge before serving. 
  7. Savoury muffins – Squid loves brocolli and cheese ones! 
  8. Cubes of cheese – though cheese is high in salt, it’s great as a snack in moderation. It is also thought that after something sweet like fruit, cheese can help neutralise the sugars, preventing tooth decay. 
  9. Organix and Kiddilicious snacks: I don’t often give these but if we are ever out and about, and snackless, they’re a great ‘fall back’ option. I recently bought some before a super long journey – it meant we didn’t have to fork out for expensive snacks at the service station, plus they are non-perishable!
  10. Rice cakes – again these are a good emergency snack, though there are mixed views about giving your baby rice cakes or baby rice due to the potential levels of arsenic in the paddy fields the rice is grown in. 

Squid will often have a snack at about 11.30am and 3.30pm, between meals. I find that giving him a small, non filling snack such as a bread stick or some cheese can distract him enough whilst I prepare dinner! He will also be given a snack whilst in a super market trolley, as he can get a bit irritable when food shopping and again this can distract him!!
What do you offer as snacks to your baby? 

Tomorrow’s scheduled post is on my go-to, quick and healthy dinners! 
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Squid mamma x


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