Quick and Easy BLW dinners 

So I’m a liar, and a terrible blogger. Life has very much got in the way of blogging recently – we travelled 300 miles up the country to help my Grandma move house last week, no mean feat with a 10 month old, let me tell you! But as promised, here is this week’s post on quick and easy dinners, which are BLW friendly. 

I don’t know about you, but having a baby has really halted my culinary pizazz – I used to love cooking, especially baking, but since Squid arrived in our lives, time in the kitchen is scarce, because he just doesn’t seem to understand recipe instructions like ‘marinate for 7 hours, and stir counter clockwise every 15 minutes’. That, and quite frankly, more often than not, I just can’t be bothered to spend hours cooking. So I’ve had to be pretty nifty at fast dinners, because otherwise we would exist solely on beans on toast. Without the beans. 

Pizza Toast
Literally as it sounds – pizza made with a toast slice base. 
I use one slice of bread for Squid, and two each for Husbo and I – lovely served with salad and homemade sweet potato chips! 
Recipe (ish!)

  1. Slice of bread, toasted. 
  2. Top with low-salt tomato purée, your choice of vegetables (courgette, mushrooms and sweetcorn work well!), fresh basil, onion and a sprinkle of cheese. You could add some chilli flakes for a bit of a kick!
  3. Grill for 8-10 minutes until the cheese is all melty. Yum! This is such a quick and simple dinner, but also filling and healthy! We also enjoy this for lunch some days too. 

Another super easy dinner, and these can be frozen! You can make sweet and savoury versions with your choice of fillings, so they’re really versatile. 

  1. Grab a ready-roll sheet of puff pastry, lay in out on a grease proof sheet. 
  2. Spread your choice of filling across the pastry – pesto, cheese, roasted vegetables – anything works here!
  3. Then start from one edge and roll the pastry tightly. Once rolled (and looking like a Swiss roll!) slice into 1.5cm thick ‘pinwheels’. 
  4. Glaze with egg or milk, and pop in the oven for 12-15 minutes until golden brown. 
  5. Serve with jacket potato, roasted veg, chunky home made chips – the choice is yours! 

Cheesey spinach pinwheels – photo courtesy of Emma H as I have no photographic evidence of my creations!

Super quick, healthy, easy! I can whip up an omelette and it be on a plate within 10 minutes. Fab with a jacket spud shoved in the microwave! I throw any scraps into an omelette: veg, onion, ham, cheese. You can add anything you like! Squid loooooves an omelette. They’re a great food for breakfast, lunch or dinner! 

Stir fry
Another fast and healthy dinner. We use a packet of bean sprouts, any veg from the fridge, with some dried noodles – we have it with chicken if we have any, but a veggie stir fry is just as good! I like to use a sauce: sweet chilli, Thai green or just plain ol’ soy sauce – however I don’t put these with Squid’s portion, as the Thai green is really rather spicy and the soy sauce is high in salt. A low salt stock cube makes a good sauce with lots of flavour for Squid. I love stir fry, because it’s an easy, one-pot meal, ready in minutes. 

Slow cooker dinners
I love my slow cooker. Seriously. It’s my favourite piece of equipment in the kitchen. We love chicken casserole, vegetable stew, soup, coq au vin, beef chasseure, sausage casserole, chilli… I just shove all the ingredients into the slow cooker when I prepare our breakfast, and by 5pm we have a delicious dinner. No fuss at all, and it fills the house with a lovely smell all day!

There are lots more favourites in our house, but I’ve tried to include above some ideas for one-pot, quick/instant dinners for days when you’re stuck for inspiration. 

I love the BLW cook book for ideas too, and the bbc good food website – both linked below. 


What’s your go-to dinner for your family? Have you a firm family favourite? Share ideas and recipes in the comments – I’m always looking for cooking inspiration!
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Posts to look out for in the next few weeks: starting-out: our BLW shopping list, introducing solid food to an allergy baby and my top 10 BLW tips!

Love, Squidmamma x 


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