Pinterest vs reality – real life isn’t Pinterest perfect – #blogtober day 30

Today’s blogtober prompt is ‘Pinterest’ so I’ve been thinking about the perfection that is presented on Pinterest and how the reality… doesn’t often match it! 

I’ve had a little help from some friends for this post, because I don’t usually photograph my failed attempts at Pinterest perfection, so read on to see my favourite ‘Pinterest Fails’ – because let’s face it, are you even a real parent if you’ve not had one?! 

Beth from Twinderelmo shared this brilliant creation with me… I particularly love the eyebrows!

Emma from emmareed made some salt firework art with her little one, but it didn’t quite go to plan. Maybe save the salt for your chips, Emma? 

My friend Aimee is a huge perfectionist, so she was sad when her Frankenstein Oreo-pops didn’t turn out quite right…

Sarah’s attempt at mess-free messy play didn’t quite yield the same results as Pinterest promised…

Ellie tried her hand at frog tape wall art

…which turned out like this…

Emily’s cake was a bit patchy… but who remembers what a cake looks like once it’s been eaten?!

Gemma of Gracie Baby (who makes amazing kids’ clothing), often uses her daughter as her model for her clothes… Gracie wasn’t playing ball this time…

My lovely friend Laura is famous for Pinterest fails. It’s safe to say she’s a much better wine drinking partner than she is cake and biscuit decorator…!

My own offerjngs… ‘scrambled snake’ for Squid’s 2nd birthday party looked a bit like mashed brains… safe to say, no one ate it!

I was pretty pleased with my attempt at a home made Gruffalo cake…

Until my bloody brother turned up with this one…

And finally, April from Glitzy Glass (who incidentally is a skilled craftswoman and her glass art is amazing!), made this unicorn pumpkin… I’ll just end on this one!

Go on, I’d love to see your Pinterest fails! Use the hashtag #squidmammapinterestfails on Instagram or show me your fabulous fails on Facebook – I know you’ve got some hilarious photos hidden in your phone! 

See you tomorrow,

Love, Squidmamma x🐙


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