Under appreciated Youtubers who YOU need to watch – blogtober day 31

The final post in the blogtober challenge – I really can’t believe that I’ve managed to post every day for a month – well, I’ve skipped 2 days and squished 2 posts into one, but I’m still taking it as a win for someone who finds it really hard to make time to write. It’s really shown me that I don’t need to spend days upon days writing and perfecting and refining things – sometimes the more random posts are better. 

So today is all about YouTube – I absolutely love YouTube and follow several people – I often watch videos whilst I’m cooking dinner, and I have this nifty little phone holder from IKEA which props my phone up, for just the occasion! 

Here are my favourite 3 under appreciated YouTubers who I think you’ll really love:

1. Karen from Our Irish Family 

I originally started watching her videos when I was pregnant, and she was undergoing fertility treatments to become pregnant herself. I distinctly remember when she finally fell pregnant with her now toddler, crying to my husband in a fit of hormone induced sadness that I was so worried about her 😂 I find Karen really relateable and often find myself watching her speed-cleaning videos – don’t ask! 

2. Shanna from Shanna Grice

I started watching her videos years ago when I was following Slimming World to lose weight for our wedding – Shanna was losing weight too and I loved following her weight loss updates. Nowadays, she’s married and now pregnant, so I love watching her mummy videos. I follow her on Instagram too, and I know she’s been suffering badly with Hyperemesis so hasn’t been making videos recently, but I love watching when she does publish them!

3. Poppy Dinsey from PoppyD 

A recent find on YouTube but I have loved following Poppy’s twin pregnancy journey – and her lovely twins were born just last week on my birthday! I follow her on Instagram as well so have enjoyed seeing her newborn updates 😍

Who are your favourite YouTubers? Any guilt pleasures? I’m always after new videos to watch, so share your favourites! 

And so completes #blogtober2017. It’s been fun! You will NOT be hearing from me tomorrow, but I’ll try to make it in a few days. 

Love, Squidmamma x🐙




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