Welcome to Squidmamma!

Hello and welcome! You have found your way to my very own corner of the Internet. I am a Mamma of a small person, aka Squid, aka boob-monster. He was born in September 2015 and is the love of my life. 

I live on the South Coast of England with a husband, the baby and a cat. I work part time as a teacher but my main job is spending my days (and nights!) with the aforementioned small person, plus an awful lot of tidying up. All in all a happy life. 

On this blog you will find posts about boobs (steady on – mainly discussions about their biological purpose!), life as a mamma and all things baby related. 
Expect it to be honest, frank and evidence based (with anecdotes from our lives too!) 

I hope you enjoy my posts – I am aiming to write one blog a week, maybe more, baby permitting. 

You can leave me comments, respond to blog posts and find me on the media which is socially inclined:

Twitter: @squidmamma
Instagram: squidmamma

Follow me for extra mid-week baby/life updates and snippets. 

Squidmamma x 


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