How Facebook groups helped me successfully breastfeed – blogtober day 27

Day 27 of #blogtober is ‘Facebook’ – so I wanted to share the amazing resources that exist in this branch of social media, without which I would not be continuing to breastfeed my 2 year old. 

In the early days of breastfeeding, when your lady parts feel like they’re falling out and your nipples don’t know what’s hit them, it can be really tough. And even if breastfeeding is painfree (which it should be – though often isn’t), it’s hard work – it’s an emotional journey and it can take some adjusting to. 

So many nights, I’d be wide awake, feeding Squid, feeling like the only person on the planet who wasn’t asleep. Until one night I discovered a whole tribe of women, also awake and nursing. They were women inside my iPhone. Women who were part of several Facebook groups I’d joined – groups specifically geared to help with breastfeeding. 

These groups became a place of solace for me – ‘why will my 5 week old not sleep away from me?’, ‘why is my 4 month old waking for milk every 45 minutes?’, ‘help! My one year old has bitten me!’, ‘why do I feel so angry when I breastfeed sometimes?’, I’d ask. For every query or worry, there were women who have been through it too, or are in the thick of it – women who offered advice and suggestions, but most of all, companionship and solidarity. 

And even now, I regularly consult the people in these groups, when something changes or I need help. Without these people, I wouldn’t be breastfeeding – and much less likely to be breastfeeding past infancy. One group in particular – ‘Breastfeeding Older Babies and Beyond’ – helps me to feel normal in what we do, and the women in this group keep me going to achieve my goals. 

If you’re needing support and guidance with breastfeeding, of course face to face support is best, but that’s not always available at 3.42am when you need it the most. My favourite groups are: 

Breastfeeding Older Babies and Beyond

Breastfeeding Younger Babies and Beyond

La Leche League International (and also search for your local LLL Facebook group!)

For inspiration from a natural term breastfeeder who posts quotes and facts daily, follow The Milk Meg – she is simply amazing! 

See you tomorrow, 

Love, Squidmamma x🐙

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Year in review: 2017. #blogtober day 25

25 days in… today’s prompt is ‘Y’ for the ‘Year in review’ – so without further ado, here’s the low down of my 2017…


Daddy’s birthday, a new year, cold weather. I’m not a fan of January what with the Christmas slump, but the days pass quickly when you have a small human!


A difficult month in my personal life, and another hospital admission for Squid. 


Mother’s Day! A wonderful one spent in some beautiful gardens with a picnic and my favourite people. 


We saw lambs being born and held some ducklings… Squid bloody hated it…


Still nippy, but I love May-time! Look at those bluebells!


A house move meant total unheaval… it was exhausting for Squid as you can see. 


A family holiday to celebrate my dad’s 50th birthday and the addition of our newest family member – Boofulcat!


Lots of sunny-summer holiday activities – it was so wonderful to have time off with Squid…

But August brought with it a further hospital stay for baby boy…


We celebrated 2 years of life for Squid – a happy happy day. September was the start of me working (temporarily) full time… it was a slog!


My favourite month, and it’s nearly over! We’ve had lots of leafy walks, and Squid has changed so much over the last month. 

What a quick year! I can’t believe we’re on the descent to Christmas already. 

What has been your 2017 highlight?

Love, Squidmamma x🐙

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#blogtober day one: about me

In an attempt to give myself a kick up the bottom and get back into the swing of writing again, I’m taking part in blogtober: a post a day for a whole month! Let’s see if I can manage it…

Day one is All About Me. 

I’m pretty ordinary so I am not entirely sure there’s much to say, but here are 8 facts about me which hopefully give you a bit of an insight into my life!

1. I was born in County Durham, in October 1990, and I lived up north until I was around 6 years old. I used to have a very broad northern accent – old home videos are quite hilarious! It always amuses me that my accent is so ‘southern’ now – not a hint of Geordie left!

Baby with dad

Daddy and I – no he’s not Freddie Mercury!

2. I am a teacher, currently teaching Year 5, which is, in my opinion, the best year group. I love my job, and a teacher is the only thing I ever wanted to be when I was growing up! I am shockingly disorganised and untidy though – so I am always losing bits of paper and my mission this year is to keep my classroom tidy! 


Best bit about being a teacher! New stationery!

3. My name is Emily, but 99% of people call me ‘Em’ – though my mum calls me Lulu or Loulabelle – on account of my middle name being Louise! Highly embarrassingly, my husband calls me ‘Pickle’…!

4. Speaking of husbands, I met mine at the student union bar at uni – we were 20 (just!) and as soppy as it sounds, I knew straight away he was ‘the one’ – despite being very anti-men at the time 😂 The student bar was called Sparrows (Greenwich Uni, anyone?!) and we now both have sparrow tattoos permanently etched into our skin – a bright idea from our younger years! We were engaged at 21, married at 23 and parents at 24, and the rest is history! 

Husband and I 💛

5. Together, husband and I are the proud owners of one child (aka Squid), who is 2 years old, and one cat (a British Blue Shorthair named Boofulcat). They are the loves of our lives. 

Our boys

6. Our son is nicknamed Squid for a few reasons. Whilst in labour, at the point I had lost my marbles on gas and air, apparently I was telling anyone who’d listen that I had lost my legs and they’d turned to tentacles – and I was a squid! This squid theme continued when we got home, as feeding our baby boy was a bit like wrestling a many tentacled creature… and so Squid got his nickname. 

Oh, baby Squid 🐙😍

7. I am a huge breastfeeding advocate. I am feeding Squid and we will continue until he decides to stop, whenever that may be! Want to know why I breastfeed my toddler? Read more here

Ain’t no milk like my mama’s milk 💛

8. Raw carrots make me gag. I honestly cannot swallow them 😂 

Well, if one of the most interesting facts about me is about carrots, maybe I should just stop here…! But, ever onwards!

See you tomorrow for a post all about… babies! 

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Love, Squidmamma x